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Many universities offer degrees via distance education, meaning that you can study at any time and location that suits you, rather than having to move to the university town and campus. However, studying from home comes with its cons and having a great study space is sometimes an issue.

That’s where we come in – with high speed internet, video conferencing, plenty of space, 7am-midnight access and other facilities – CUC Snowy Monaro is the perfect place for you to focus on your studies.

If you are considering enrolling in a university course in the future, there are course brochures available and the CUC Snowy Monaro staff will help to direct potential students towards more information including university websites and course guides, resources and links into online tutorials and orientations.

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Registration & eligibility

Anyone enrolled in a University course, undergraduate or postgraduate can become a member of the Country Universities Centre Snowy Monaro, FREE of charge. Users will be required to register with the Centre, in order to receive access cards, logins and student study kits.

To be eligible for registration at the CUCSM:

  • You must be enrolled in and studying via Distance Education with a recognised university (This excludes TAFEs, RTOs, Colleges, Academies etc).

    • Your degree must be a University access/pathways course or an undergraduate or postgraduate degree.

    • Your degree cannot be a TAFE level qualification – Cert I/II/II/IV or Diploma

    • You can be studying a full time or part time load


The Country Universities Centre Snowy Monaro ‘Study Zone’ is fitted out with 20 PCs, all with Microsoft Office software and fast broadband internet connections. In addition, it is possible to BYO Device (laptops, tablet computers, or smartphones) and gain access to the internet via WiFi.There are video conferencing facilities available. In addition to the main study space, the building has two small meeting rooms and a large video conferencing room. There is also a social space with a kitchenette, including a microwave oven, dishwasher, sink, refrigerator, boiling water, rest room facilities and seating.The building is wheelchair accessible and there is an accessible carpark at the rear of the building. Importantly the location is close to the town centre where students can access local shops and cafes easily.

Access and Security

Entry to the CUC Snowy Monaro  is via an access card issued to all registered students.  These security cards allow students to use the facility outside of office hours – from 7am – Midnight – giving students plenty of opportunity for after hours study. The building is protected by security systems including motion detectors, back-to-base alarms and multiple CCTV cameras, emergency telephone and is routinely patrolled by security guards. The building has fully compliant smoke detection and alarming systems, with back-to-base notification, including fire extinguishers, fire blankets, emergency lighting and emergency exit lighting.

Education comes from within: you get it by struggle and effort and thought
— Napoleon Hill



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